Victoria’s Peak

This is part of my 2016 Hong Kong travel series. Nothing says you’ve really visited Hong Kong like seeing Victoria’s Peak.  The magnificent view from the top  encapsulates Hong Kong experience and  it was literally the highlight of my short visit. It probably would have been smarter if I visited at a cooler month than the hot summer of July, nonetheless the view from the Peak was well worth it.

2016 Victorias Peak 1 hi res
My local friend Terrence took us to see the famous Peak on our third day in Hong Kong. It was around 1 p.m. and we walked around the local streets of Lan Gwai Fong after lunch,  where it comes to life at night when bars and restaurants open late. At the time we passed by, it was relatively calm.

UntitledThen we passed by the famous Hong Kong financial District where all the flashy name brands stores are centrally located.

2016 HK CentralFrom there it took about another twenty minutes to walk to the mall building where the train (a.k.a. Peak Tram) to the Peak is stationed.

Holy moly!  It took more than an hour and a half waiting in long snake-shaped line to reach finally reach ticket booth.  I end up chatting with Terrence while waiting in line  about the local social issues and Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. This really added to my understanding of Hong Kong and to my travel experience overall.

Finally, two hours later and buying our tickets, there were no more lines after passing through security gates. Instead,  we waited amidst sea of equally sweaty tourists who mostly, like me, snapped pictures armed with selfie sticks. There was also  some exhibit displays at the waiting area about the 120 year old history of Peak Tram. 

Terrence shared that only the uber wealthy and influential lives at the fancy houses located at mountain top.

2016 Victoria Peak 3

The ride up took us up to a mall building.  We passed by several souvenir stalls and took escalators to the viewing area of the Peak. Check out the picture below. When we finally reached the top level of the mall and looked over the beautiful skyline of Hong Kong from the Peak, we’re essentially located at the edge corner sides of this building. 

2016 Victorias Peak 4_hi resFrom that location, we see the breathtaking view of Hong Kong.

Here’s the wonderful view that I have been raving about. I have to thank Terrence for planning our trip so well.

We arrived at sundown. We snapped pictures and waited until evening at 8 p.m. where the light show coming from the buildings began.

2016 Victorias Peak
Growing up watching Hong Kong television dramas and movies,  I’ve seen many videos or pictures of the Peak. But it really does not compare to seeing it in person. It was memorable and definitely worth coming back for.

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