Traveling to Hong Kong During Summer, What to Prepare

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It is sweltering hot in Hong Kong during the summer. The average temperature was around upper 90 degrees fahrenheit when I visited in July, but what made it arduous humidity. I literally started sweating just minutes after stepping out the air conditioned hotel. It is no wonder why pocket battery-operated fans sell by street vendors.

Majority stores, restaurants and other establishments anywhere Hong Kong have their AC blasting. In fact while I was there, the local news reported how a landlord’s refusal to provide working air condition for a commercial building’s tenant due to contract disputes had negatively affected their businesses. Customers obviously rather go to somewhere cooler.

Here are some things you can prepare or get when traveling during summer in Hong Kong or other warm parts of Asia to make it more tolerable and allow you to enjoy the cooler stuff of traveling to Hong Kong.  🙂

Sleeveless Tops. Expect to sweat a lot. So wear sleeveless. Thinner light fabric like cotton is a good choice.

Loose shorts, flow skirts or dresses (for women). Same reason as above.

Handheld electric fans. These battery-operated portable fans sell almost anywhere in Hong Kong for about $4 – 8 USD a piece. Many are designed very cutesy for the locals’ taste but they surprisingly work well.

Sunglasses. Bring a pair of good sunglasses. If possible, bring one that is polarized. Polarized lenses are coated with a special chemical film that helps reduce glare caused by light from the sun when reflected off solid surface. The polarized lenses helps you see objects more clearly, and also help reduce the harmful effects of UV light. I never really appreciated polarized sunglasses until this past summer in Hong Kong. I wore it everyday.

Water. Stay hydrated. You don’t necessarily have to carry bottled water with you because there are plenty convenience stores around Hong Kong and in most major cities in Asia. In addition, there are plenty of mouth watering dessert and beverage stores there to cool off.

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Sunblock. Protect your skin and wear sunblock lotion for your face and body parts that will be exposed to the sun. I used SPF 50 that I purchased from The Face Shop in Seoul Korea, but it’s also in Amazon.  Mine came with a foam cushion that you press down with the bottle lid. It pumps up the lotion and the aerosol makes the cushion feel very cold. It actually felt very nice and cold when I applied it to the face! I works as a foundation too for me. I just wish I bought  more!!

2016 Sun EcoFlipflops or Sandals. Wear a open toes sandals. Most locals are dressed pretty casual there unless they are office workers.

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Napkins. Have something handy to wipe off sweat.

Visiting Hong Kong is a lot of fun. There’s plenty of amazing food everywhere and arriving prepared for the heat in the summer just makes the experience even better. 🙂 Are there any other items you definitely would pack when traveling for summer vacation? Let us know!

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