Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs 糖醋排鼓

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This post is for a simple Shanghainese dish called “Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs” 糖醋小排, a Chinese comfort food recipe to me. It reminded me of something I had when I was much younger. My father fixed us many types Chinese dishes while I was growing up. I just never knew to ask where these dishes originated from… I guess I never cared enough to ask about it back then, because I thought I could always have it again.

Recently, I’ve been missing Shanghai so I decided I wanted to explore more of the dishes that comes from this beautiful city. I found “Sweet and Sour  Pork Ribs” 糖醋小排, a signature Shanghai home cooked style dish. It’s amazingly simple to make with only 5 ingredients needed – pork, sugar, vinegar, ginger, and soy sauce. It took only 20 minutes to finish and it was amazingly delicious! I admit, I was a bit skeptical too in the beginning. I was not too sure if it was going to come out good with the ingredients so basic. I decided to give it a try anyway since it’s a very popular Shanghainese dish.

Surprisingly, the flavor reminded me of something I had back in Manila. I am a hundred percent sure that my Dad has fixed this before and I’m ecstatic to know how to make it now! It’s the best comfort food because it’s so delicious, cheap, easy to make and like most food for comfort…it’s not healthy. lol. So, here how to make my Chinese comfort food  for “Sugar Vinegar Pork Ribs” 糖醋小排:

2013_6_SugarVinegar Pork1Add pork in a medium-large pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. Take partial cooked pork and place on paper towel to get rid of more water.

2013_6_SugarVinegar Pork2Quick fry the pork in hot oil for 2- 3 minutes. Stir until golden brown. Drain the oil.

2013_6_SugarVinegar Pork5In a separate pan, mix together soysauce, vinegar, sugar, ginger and sesame seed. Stir until sauce well combined and become thick.

2013_6_SugarVinegar Pork7Once sauce is thick, add the fried pork and mix. Make sure that each side is well coated with the sauce. Continue to cook for another 3 minutes. Turn off heat and serve.

Sugar Vinegar Pork Ribs 糖醋小排

1 lb of boneless and skinless pork ribs, chopped
1/4 cup of soy sauce
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of vinegar
1 tbsp of sliced ginger
sesame seed (optional)
cooking oil for frying

1. Fill half of a big pot with water and bring it to a boil. Add the pork and cook for 2 – 3 minutes before removing it from the pot. Discard water and dry the pork with paper towels.
2. Heat cooking oil in a pan or wok and add the pork. Be careful of the oil splatter! Fry for 3 minutes and take it out of the wok. Get rid of the remaining oil by placing the pork on paper towels.
3. In a flat pan, turn not heat to medium. Add the soy sauce, sugar, ginger and vinegar. Stir constantly until the consistency becomes thick and bubbles.
4. Add the pork and mix until it is all coated with the sauce.
5. Pour on a plate and serve with cooked white rice.

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