Shouzhua Bing 手抓饼

One of my fondest memory from my first visit to Shanghai was their street food. Multitudes of food hawkers start to fill up the streets as early in the morning to serve breakfast to busy Shanghaiist. Among the 10 favorite street foods I tried, the one that was my favorite is Shouzhua Bing. I didn’t even know back then what they were called back then! I just remember getting hooked on the first bite and I’ve ordered them a few more times during my short visit. Shouzhua Bing are hot and crispy outside and savory sweet or spicy inside, whichever way you prefer.

Many people think of this snack as Taiwanese,


Shouzhua Bing is like a burrito but wrapped with crispy hot roti.  This is combined with savory and sweet flavors from a variety of fillings – The fillings can be eggs, Chinese roasted pork, beef pie, sausage, rattan pepper chicken, bacon, and vegetables.  For condiment, hot sauce, ketchup, spicy sauce, sweet and spicy sauce, sweet salad dressing.  And the scrambled eggs, oh! the scrambled eggs…they weren’t simply just added inside as filling like normal. Some vendors would spread the raw eggs on top of the roti pan and cook it together the roti as an additional layer. Other vendors pop a hole in the roti dough as it becomes puffy on the griddle and pour the raw egg inside the roti bread also creating a thin layer this time, in the middle of the roti.

You just don’t understand. It’s so AMAZING. Imagine having this wonderful goodness each day in the morning and costs $1 – 2 only!  Sometimes, I do wish I live in Shanghai!!


So if you aren’t quite ready to pack and go to Asia for Shouzhua bing, can you make it at home? Sure you can!  here’s how:


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Shouzhua Bing
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Servings Prep Time
4 1
Servings Prep Time
4 1
Shouzhua Bing
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Servings Prep Time
4 1
Servings Prep Time
4 1
Regular Dough
Pastry Dough
  1. 找一个大盆,把水油面团的原料全部倒入盆中,加入开水,一边加一边搅拌,待稍稍晾凉之后,用手揉成光滑的水油面团,静置20分钟以上。 In a big bowl , combine all the ingredients to make dough, adding water slowly as you mix. After it cools a little, knead it and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  2. 另取小碗,把油酥面团的原料放入碗中,揉成光滑的油酥面团,静置15分钟以上。 In another bowl, combine the Pastry Dough ingredients. Roll into a pastry dough and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  3. 把水油面团和油酥面团分别分成六个大小相等的面团。 Divide each dough into six balls of equal sizes.
  4. 取一个水油皮小面团,用手掌压扁,放上一块油酥小面团,把油酥面团包起来,收口向下。 Take a ball of the regular dough and flatten with you palm. Then, put a ball of the pastry dough at the center and seal.
  5. 擀成长条形面片,从面片的一头始把面片卷起来。 With a rolling pin, flatten the combined dough into a long strip. Then, roll it together (like a cinnamon roll!).
  6. 把小圆柱面团竖起来、按扁,擀成圆形的面片。 Place the cylinder shaped dough in upright position and flatten (with a rolling pin) into a flat circle.
  7. 电饼铛提前预热好,刷上一层食用油,放入擀好的饼,等一面烙成金黄色时,反面,烙另一面。Place the flattened dough in a well oiled preheated pan or griddle and cook until golden brown before flipping it to the other side.
Adding Filling
  1. In general, you can add any filling of your choice (ham, eggs, bacon, etc) after the shouzhua bing is cooked. You can cook the raw scrambled egg on top of the dough and cook them together so that it will be cooked flat against the shouzhua bing. You can add any sauce you want to enhance flavor.
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Here's a video of showing a skillful master cook the shouzhua bing.

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Source: <a href="" target="_blank">Baidu</a>   手抓饼原名葱抓饼,起源于泉州“蜜块”,经台湾改良。2004年从台湾引进. 至今一直风靡全国.

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