Princess Jie You: Ep. 9 and 10

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These episodes marked the new chapter in Jie You’s life where she has accepted that it’s impossible, despite their own wills, to have a future with Weng Gui.  She’s witness with her own eyes how innocent people like the villagers that Weng Gui cared about can die as a result of their actions.

It’s heartbreaking to see their hope of eloping together so short lived, but I’m really impressed by the full range of emotions that the main and even the secondary characters delivered in episode 9 and 10 especially by Zhang Xin Yi.

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Zhang Xin Yi is not only remarkable at portraying the smart, funny, independent, and mature personality that Jie You’s character calls for, but is just as talented in bringing the audience to empathize with Jie You’s pain and sorrows.  Her excellent acting here compels me to check out her other works.

I specifically love the scene when Huo Tian Xia delivered the news of Weng Gui’s death to her (below).  Zhang Xin Yi delivered raw emotions that transitioned from shock, denial, pure horror and sorrow.

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Yuang Hong is exceptional in his role in this episode as well.  Over the weekend, I re-watched Startling by Each Step (a.k.a “Bu Bu Jing Xing”) and was really surprised to see his familiar face. His role as the thirteenth prince in it was minimal and hardly impressionable. Looking now at what his acting chops, I really look forward to seeing more of similarly good projects for him.

I mentioned a few times that he and   Zhang Xin Yi have amazing onscreen chemistry. I see it was mostly because of the way he looks at her – they were always focused a hundred percent on her whether he was amused with her, teasing her, longing for her or upset with her. Then I found out that the two actually started dating and rumored to be engaged. Does their romantic relationship contribute to the onscreen chemistry that’s apparent? Most likely.

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I really hate Huo Tian Xia at this very moment and I don’t know if he can ever redeem himself. He’s way too self-righteous!  I know I should be more understanding and see things from his perspective.  He believes with a strong passion that Weng Gui is harmful for Jie You and seriously jeopardizing the political alliance between the Wu Sun and the Han. He intervened and tried to kill Weng Gui. If Weng Gui wasn’t already previously injured, there is absolutely no way Huo Tian Xia could win against our hero.

It’s frustrating to watch him succeed in separating  Jie You and Weng Gui albeit only temporarily.  He has never been in love with anyone nor can he see that there’s more to life than following orders. He’s bringing more people into his miserable life.

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There were some major editing flaws in episode 10 that bothered me.  In an effort to fit content into an hour long episode, the Director has cut out too many important scenes such as Jie You mourning Weng Gui’s death. For someone who is young and crazy in love with him, one would expect ample scene to show her sorrow and transition into getting back on her feet for the more important job as an alliance princess.  Instead, it looked as if she mourned for a day and half then she’s back to her normal self. She can even tease and joke with others.  It’s too unrealistic and obviously too many scenes were cut prematurely.  This often happens when an overworked and exhausted production team are on incredibly tight deadline where some things are overlooked and quality is sacrificed. It’s a sad fact that production team are often overworked.

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Kunmi finally meets Jie You in person and although he’s not all that impressed with her looks in comparison to the Xiongnu princess, her unusual courage, tenacity and pride has undeniably caught his attention.  This of course makes her a natural enemy of Hu Gu, the other bride from Xiong Nu.

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  • lenje

    Thank you for doing the recaps. Really appreciate it :). I finished watching the drama sometime ago, but since I don’t speak Mandarin, your recaps really help me understand the story more. I feel like rewatching some episodes 🙂

    • Awww.. Thanks!! I love this drama too and by far one of the best in terms of acting and story writing. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions 🙂 I’d be glad to answer them. Also, my blog domain name will be changed to this week! Please feel free to leave comments and give feedback. Thanks again 🙂