Princess Jie You: Ep. 7 and 8

Bittersweet is the most appropriate word to describe episode 7 and 8 as Jie You and Weng Gui finally met and their real identity’s revealed. The shock from both were apparent as neither had any clue they’d be caught in such an awkward and challenging situation that prevents them from furthering their romantic relationship. The conflict is real and it is nearly impossible to undo what’s done now. She’s marrying Kunmi and Weng Gui is stuck with the job of bringing her to him.




Talk about irony. Weng Gui worked so hard to negotiate and convince the emperor of Han to marry a princess with Kunmi to help his brother strengthen the empire’s political alliance. Without him knowing, the success of his work has forced Jie You to leave her troupe and freedom behind in the name of serving her country.

Her head dress looks quite stunning here. It’s huge (and probably heavy!), intricately designed in what looks like hundreds of smaller red wooden beads.

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I really love how all the secondary characters are starting to get their own stories. Here comes Feng Niang, a skillful fighter and resourceful merchant who was convinced by Jie You to assist them to their journey to Wu Sun. The stoic General Hua who is now the assigned body guard of Jie You caught Feng Niang’s attention. It’s cute to see her coaxing and teasing him and even though he didn’t realize it, she’s actually making him smile more than anyone else has in a long while.



Ah Cai, Jie You’s trusted friend is getting under my skin.   She’s been acting entitled to lecture Jie You about how to behave when it comes to Weng Gui. She’s blatantly ignoring the fact that Weng Gui has shown zero interest in her from the very beginning and probably will never be. Although she didn’t explicitly say, she’s inwardly happy that  her best friend is now betrothed to Kunmi. Perhaps she thinks she now has a better chance at winning his affection?

In the scene where they first learned of Weng Gui is sent over to take the Han princess to Kunmi, Ah Cai  is too excited that she did not even care what this signifies for her friend. Oh gawd. I want to pull her hair!!! She was really annoying when she ran out to greet him before her friend is even ready. I also hate how she looks accusingly at Jie You when Weng Gui appeared in her bedroom. Girl, no one owes you an explanation.


The craziest scene of episode 7 and 8 is by far this scene below where Weng Gui goes to save Princess Jie You from the evil Xiong Nu killers. She went out for a walk by herself trying to clear her head of the recent events that just transpired.   Director Lu Yiang obviously meant to create a dramatic scene for the knight in shining armor coming to the rescue, but seem to have gone a little overboard and create a rather hilarious scene instead.   Weng Gui ‘s horse gallops high and kicks the other rider of its horse. Aside from the overly exaggerated action scenes,  the close up shots of Weng Gui’s face during the battle was also way too cheesy and hilarious even for me…and normally, I can handle a lot of cheesiness of dramaland.


It’s a relief to see Weng Gui and Jie You again albeit the challenges that these lovers have to face ahead of them.  The conflict is real this time with so much is at stake.

I wondered if it would have been better for Jie You to not know that he did try very hard to find her, to not know he genuinely cared about her.  Perhaps  it would be better if fate didn’t let them meet again. It wouldn’t hurt as much and twice harder than before to marry someone she’s never met and has no feelings for. Prior to seeing Weng Gui, Jie You seem to have accepted her fate but things changed after they meet again and spent more time alone. It confirms to them that they are each other’s perfect match.


My favorite is still the undeniable chemistry of the leads. I was concerned that the next few episodes will become nothing but depressing scenes. Thankfully, the writers  didn’t rob us the pleasure of seeing the sparks that’s always present between Weng Gui and Jie You. It’s true that the situation and problems that they are facing is dampening everyone’s mood when the two are together they fight and verbally attack each other. But it’s really because they are very comfortable with each other and can be their true selves.  When they are together, there’s no princess and there’s no prince, only two crazy individuals madly in love with each other.

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