Princess Jie You: Ep. 5 and 6

There are two words that describe how I felt watching these two episodes – frustration and dread.

Watching episode 5 and 6 left me dreading what’s going to happen next to Weng Gui and Jie You. They separated thinking they’d be back together after just a few days. But the situation has snowballed into something completely different for Jie You as fate took over to change her plans.  Her own charm and wit caused her to be noticed by the king of Han instead of her cousin and she’s been declared as an “alliance princess” by the King of Han instead of her cousin.

I was frustrated watching these episodes because I can’t fathom why she didn’t leave any message or note for Weng Gui to let him know her whereabouts. Come on.  She could have easily left messages with several staff there. Girl, look how much problem this negligence has caused you. Smh.  This is a flaw in the plot because it didn’t make sense for a smart girl like her to not think of this. The writer could have made it where someone like Huai has purposefully intervened to prevent two from communicating.


I’m not sure how I feel about General Huai. At first, he seems likable despite his silence. Then he gets in Jie You’s way to make sure she doesn’t escape from her new “duty” to marry Kunmi of Wu Sun.  It really makes me mad that he’s not on his side when he has feelings for her too. … Then he tries to help her escape but it’s too late.


Wu Gu is a new character that’s introduced. She’s princess of the Xiongnu tribe whose also an alliance princess about to be married off to Kunmi but unlike Jie You, she’s prepared for it because her mission is to help her tribe rule over Wu Sun It’s quite obvious that she will be Jie You’s biggest rival for Kunmi’s attention later. Meow.

My favorite scene from this episode is when Jie You didn’t fall for her cousin’s feigned suicide attempt to get her sympathy and agree to take her place as alliance princess. Again the writer shows how she can see right through others won’t easily fall for schemes of women in the palace in the near future.

Jing Jun: I want to die!! [fake sobbing]  I don’t want to be an alliance princess. If only someone can take my place… [Jie You quickly stops her from finishing]

Jie You:  But that’s impossible. Think about it. The king must have carefully think this through to have decided to include you in the selection. With your talents, good looks, grace, and all the great qualities, it would be practically impossible to find someone to replace you! [With that, Jie You excuses herself and left the princess upset]



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