Princess Jie You: Ep. 3 and 4


I’m in love with these two characters! Like I mentioned in the first two episodes’ review, Jie You and Weng Gui are so natural and very believably made for each other. They argue nonstop when together and that’s when sparks fly between them and it’s hard for others to not notice.



In episode three and four,  Jie You’s birth story is revealed and  we’re given a deeper  understanding of Weng Gui’s importance in Wu Sun not only as someone of royal lineage but also the crucial role he plays in negotiations to forge strong political alliance with the king of Han for his tribe.  Weng Gui also finally tells Jie You clearly that she’s someone special to him. He got them into so much trouble and tricked her into unofficially marrying him. Her friend Ah Cai continues to become increasingly jealous.

New characters are also introduced in these episodes as the story moves along.  General Huai is a man of few very wordsHe follows orders without ever questioning his master. He’s indebted to Chu family who turns out to be Jie You’s uncle,  elder brother of her late father who died of punishment for his crimes.  Despite guarding himself, Haui finds himself attracted to Jie You’s optimism about life, and her straightforward attitude.

Princess Jing Jun is Jie You’s  ultra-spoiled scheming cousin who’s been very interested in General Huai. She grows increasingly jealous that Haui seem to be attracted to Jie You and tries to use her father’s influence to plot against her.

In episode four, I particularly liked the exotic dance that Jie You showed.  Either ZhangXinYi is actually an actress and a dancer too, or she has a really good dance instructor for this drama. Her hand and body movements were naturally graceful and limber.  I actually wished she performed this dance in front of Weng Gui just to see his reaction… like in Sound of the Dessert when Xin Yue danced for Wei Wu Ji, not that Weng Gui is not captivated enough already of Jie You. It would have been fun to see his reaction and how he would tease her about the dance!

Instead, Huai is caught off guard at how beautiful she looked in that outfit. Can’t blame him. Jie You was really smokin’ hot in this scene.


I also love how perceptive and sharp Jie You is and doesn’t fall for tricks and feigned innocence of her evil cousin, unlike many typical heroines in Chinese dramas. She’s not one to be walked over easily. Perhaps, it’s the director’s way of giving a glimpse of how she will survive inside the politics of the palace. Very promising.

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