Princess Jie You: Ep. 11 and 12

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Episode 11 and 12 further reveals the political landscape of Wu Sun, letting us see who is standing behind the Han-Wu Sun alliance and who is favoring the XiongNu-alliance.  Chang Shan Hou Hou befriends (and sucks up) to Hu Gu, the “beauty” from Xiong Nu who’s also bethroted to Kunmi,  while Weng Gui’s father urges his son to put in good words for the Han bride. He is obviously in the dark of his son’s love life.

Here, we also see the big distinction between Kunmi and Weng Gui’s style of political governance.  Wu Sun is georgraphically located in the middle of the Han and Xiongnu lands which makes them a crucial ally to the two, despite being a smaller country.

Weng Gui’s  believes  it’s important to make a stand and forge an alliance with the Han because they have been partners for many  years on top of the fact that  Xiong Nu people has a reputation of not being trust worthy. They are barbaric and has a long history of  killing from the innocent civilians for their own gains.  It his for this reason that his brother Kunmi decides that the best way to keep the Wu Sun  citizen safe is to maintain peace with both and this is through political marriage with princesses. Lucky for him but it’s a rather cowardly if you ask me.  What do you think?

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Feng Niang, played by Marina Ye Qiao is exceptionally charming in this episode.     I was surprised to learn that she was also in Startling by Each Step in a minor role as a palace maid.  I’m glad she got a more interesting role in this drama that has more personality that lets her shine a lot more.

She is particularly cute in a scene in ep 11 where she looks up and rests her face on her palms with a sweet smile as she bargains with Weng  Gui.  If I wasn’t so vested in the Jie You – Weng Gui OTP, I think the two could make a great drama couple too!

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This episode is SO SAD.  Weng Gui spearheads the wedding planning as ordered by the unsuspecting Kunmi. He plans a very special outdoor wedding as if it was his own, he said. Tears*

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Kunmi and Jie You are off to a bad start.  She is too opinionated which he finds as challenging his authority too much which he absolutely hates to the core.   The irony is that this why Weng Gui is so smitten with her. He appreciates a woman who challenges him in more ways than one.  Although Kunmi throws a fit at Jie You’s  stubborn nature and he nearly chokes her to death to show her who is in charge.  He’s nonetheless drawn to her. She’s catching his attention for sure and selflessly saves her anyway from an assassin.

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I really love the costume used in this show. It’s very detailed and deliberate in showing the differences of origin of the three women above through their hair accessories and fashion. Also look at that gorgeous necklace that Jie You is sporting!  I want it….

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My favorite scene here is when Jie You didn’t budge to  Hu Gu’s  pointed words and bullying. Instead, she keeps a straight face and fights back with a pretty smile which sends Hu Gu fuming mad. This is why I love her character and I love that mainland drama is increasingly featuring strong women characters like the recent Imperial Doctress, although Jie You’s character is more awesome.

Hu Gu: Kunmi and I both grew up in the wide grassland so we are skilled with horses and fighting. Too bad a Han woman cannot relate.

Jie You: I’ve learned some of that too and wouldn’t mind showing you what I can do.

Hu Gu: Ok, let’s do that…

Jie You: The palace is in a chaos with the attempted assassin last night. Besides, a ruler like Kunmi will need someone who can discuss political matters and assist him. It will requires someone who can read with him and stuff. Oh! Hu Gu that probably is not your strength, right? Don’t you worry. My servant Ah Cai grew up with me and is pretty good with reading. She wouldn’t mind teaching you, would you Ah Cai?

Jie You and Ah Cai graciously walks away while Hu Gu is left speechless and mad.

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