I love the vibe on St. Marks neighborhood at night. The block is a little Japantown on the east side of New York City.  My friend Mable introduced this hot spot and the Oh! Taisho restaurant  to me years ago and since then, I’ve always try to make sure I come back whenever I’m in New York.

Being in Oh! Taisho is like being able to go see Japan without getting on the plane. The place opens at 6 pm and is staffed by Japanese, it’s always hoppin’.

We started with Edamame  which was steamed perfectly. The beans came out fresh and soft.


The next dish was Oh Taisho’s Grilled duck with Balsamic Vinegar which was very yummy. It vinegar gave a nice light taste to the savory duck.


Traditional Japanese Agedashi tofu’s are my favorite dish to order everytime I’m in a  Japanese restaurant.  Oh Taisho’s Agedashi tofu’s are some of the best I’ve had. Their soft and smooth and the light soysauce broth is just perfect to go with the tofu. It’s topped with about a spoonful of bonito flakes.


These are fried calamari which I found a little too greasy but tastes good nonetheless.


Of course, a variety of barbequed meat – chicken, meat balls, bacon that sat on a bed of shredded cabbage. The meat were lightly seasoned and delish.


Spicy Tuna with Mayo are yum.  The tuna is served cold and adds a freshness to the palette.



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