Why I Want to See The Mermaid

Stephen Chow’s most recent fantasy scifi movie The Mermaid “美人鱼” becomes the highest grossing Chinese film of all time (3.4B yuan), using advanced computer graphics technology to bring to life the story of  a playboy businessman (Deng Chao) who falls in love with a mermaid (Lin Yun) who was sent to assassinate him.

Judging from the film’s trailer and 91% rotten tomatoes rating, it’s going to be one worth seeing. I sure wish it had a bigger release in the US.  I still say that with much caution because I’ve seen too many Chinese dramas and movies that have computer graphics  so bad they make me cringe and I’m not talking about old movies here, I’m talking about recently released dramas like Liao Zai,  and even the popular Nirvana on Fire.  

I’m also optimistic because Deng Chao one of the actors I admire in current Chinese cinema. You can check out his excellent acting in American Dreams in China with Huang Xiao Ming. The  lead role of the film is starred by a new comer Jelly Lin who earned $417M USD in two weeks! (wowzers!!) She beat 100,000 other hopefuls during the audition for the role.

mermaid 5
Stephen Chow is one of the most prolific Chinese actor-turned-producer in Chinese cinema. Sometimes, I can hardly believe how far he’s come from his Hong Kong television drama days.  Even back then, he was extremely talented at doing comedies.

He pushes the envelope for Chinese filmmakers and  has the vision of making high quality films for Chinese cinema worthy of world stage attention.  His career took a big leap (rightfully so)  after he produced/directed successful blockbusters, “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kungfu Hustle”. He’s always combining technology in his production with a blend of signature Stephen Chow style humor.

mermaid 4

More stills from The Mermaid:
mermaid 2
mermaid 3

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