Luke’s Lobster Restaurant: Crab Roll


$11 Crabroll from Luke's Lobster Restaurant

I woke up a late this morning and did not have time to prepare breakfast nor lunch.  I end up skipping breakfast because I was busy in the morning.By the time it’s lunch time, I was famished but I wanted something satisfying but won’t make me feel guilty and regret later. Because I’ve finally reached 153 lbs as of today!

I got a delicious fresh seafood at Luke’s Lobster in Penn Quarter area, more specifically I ordered their $11 delicious  meaty crab rolls and drizzled mine with Vietnamese Siracha hot sauce.  The combination of the fresh crab meat  and hot sauce is perfect with the spiciness of the sauce added to the lightly seasoned crab.  The roll was light and crispy on the surface but delightfully soft once you take a bite into it. Yummy…  It was so satisfying it left me happy the rest of the day.

Luke Lobster: 624 E. St. NW Washington DC 20001

light and crispy fresh rolls loaded with meaty crabs!


Luke's Crabroll

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  • Looks delicious!!