One of the nicest things about living in the Washington DC metro area is its diversity. There’s ethnic enclaves in different pockets of the surrounding area much like New York City. Annandale VA is the Koreatown in the area, located in Annandale city in Northern Virginia about 14 miles from DC. We love this area and often come here on the weekends to enjoy some Korean food and visit the multiple skincare shops around. There’s plenty of options for Korean food here in Annandale but Korean barbeque and bakeries are my favorite.

Among around twenty restaurants that serve Korean barbeque, my favorite is Kogiya Restaurant (recently awarded 2015 Washington Restaurants).  They have a spacious store layout with high ceilings and stainless steel furniture and fixtures everywhere that makes the place feel more open.  Compared to the other barbeque places in the neighborhood, Kogiya Barbeque is fairly new (about a year old) but it has quickly become popular through word of mouth marketing.  Customers who don’t speak much Korean, like myself, will especially appreciate this place because unlike  the  many other  Korean restaurants, the servers at Kogiya speaks English.  This makes the customer service experience so much better.


Practically every Korean restaurant serves free small serving of side dishes to customers to go with their main course.  The number of options varies from every places and most places only offer up to two servings of the side dishes.  On our visit at Kogiya (we’ve been here more than six times already!) today, there were eight side dishes.  Steamed broccoli with sesame oil (left top), steamed black beans (left bottom).  In the middle column from top to bottom area blanched beansprout flavored with sesame oil, picked radish, pickled cucumber. On the right column from top to bottom are kimchi, potato salad and pickled melon.

The broccoli and beansprout had a simple and delicate taste, surprising how a little sesame oil can add such a nice taste to this simple dish.  My favorite to my surprise was the pickled radish (center). the radish was fresh and the sourness from the pickling tasted just right. I thought it was the perfect appetizer.


Kogiya Restaurant’s menu has all-you-can-eat me eat options and the regular menu option. We ordered all you can eat Option A which includes spicy chicken, 3 types of pork belly, and beef brisket.

Here is the spicy chicken barbeque which they would serve on a cast iron plate.  The spicy chicken barbeque  is my husband’s favorite because he loves spicy food and chicken!


Here is the beef brisket. Each serving portion is rather big. I have to be honest that although it is good, the beef brisket at Kogiya isn’t my favorite.  It wasn’t as rich in flavor as the other types of meat.


The all-you-can-eat menu option also comes with soups. I  ordered steamed egg soup. If you like eggs, then this is for you. The texture is like custard with a little soup at the bottom. It’s nice to have for a cold day.



My favorite at Kogiya is always the spicy pork belly.  I would say it’s one of the best in the area!  I highly recommend anyone who visits Kogiya to try their spicy pork barbeque.

2015_Kogiya-12 2015_Kogiya-13

The Option A menu that we ordered cost $23 per person. Quite reasonable considering the amount of food you get plus the excellent taste and serving.  Next time around, I’ll try their beef ribs barbeque!


Kogiya Restaurant
4220-A Annandale Road
Annandale VA 22003

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