Asian Junk Food Haul #1

The idea of  writing about of junk food haul came to me as I walked down the long snack food isle of a large Asian grocery store last weekend.  Imagine how you felt walking into a Toys R Us store first time as a child. You marveled at the huge selections of colorfully packaged toys neatly organized in one big space … that’s how it felt walking down this store’s Asian snack aisle for me. There was so many choices – chips, candies, rice crackers, tea cakes and the list goes on.

With so many options, I decided to go with something new to me, something that none of my family or friends has ever mentioned to me. I was feeling adventurous.

Oyster Omelette flavor Potato Chips by Hwa Yuan $1.99

Seeing “Oyster Omelet” written in big bold Chinese font takes me back to a particular nice summer day twenty years ago in  Manila Chinatown, one of the world’s oldest Chinatown. I was spending time with my high school best friend Kathy whom I haven’t gotten to see much since we started college.  Kathy loves  Oyster “cake”, she swore by it and so has other Taiwanese who enjoys them in night markets there. Being an overseas Fujianese Chinese, Kathy swore they were great…despite how strange they look.

Needless to say, I was not sure I was making a good decision when I picked up this bag of  Oyster Omelet flavor Potato Chip. I’m usually down for trying new flavors. It’s just that Oyster Omelet was not my thing  and I’ve never been a fan of actual oysters. The only oyster flavor I actually like is oyster sauce that’s used in many  Asian cooking but even with that I’d pick carefully on which brand I use, more on that next time.


Within seconds of shaking the small bag I slowly tear the bag open and bravely took a small bite of the rippled chip. It was crispy like Lay’s chips and lightly salty with a small hint of parsley. It is delicately and isn’t overpowering with Oyster Omelet flavor and maybe that’s why I actually enjoyed it!

Fish flavor Chips by Wawa $1.99

Wawa’s Fish Chips are like finger long fries with a hollow center.  The fishy smell is light and every bite cracks audibly like biting peanut brittle. The package doesn’t explain which type of fish was used in making them but they are good anyway! My only complain is that there isn’t much in the bag, about half of the bag is empty.

Lobster Chips $2.99

Seems like I have a seafood flavored theme going on here. 🙂  I’m saving the best for last.  These lobster flavored chips are addictive. Be warned.  I’m hooked with the feather light texture and perfected crispiness.  My non Asian in laws also enjoyed them though they commented on the strong seafood smell. If you don’t mind seafood smell I think you will enjoy this one too.



I hope you try some of these chips and let me know how you like them or let me know if you have some Asian snacks to share! 🙂

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