Ip Man 3 Delivers Hard and Fast Action

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The 3rd part of the successful Ip Man movie franchise delivers the expected… awesome lightning speed martial arts fight scenes with the ever awesome Donnie Yen portraying the role of Ip Man. I was kept at  the edge of my seat within ten minutes into the film. Ip Man 3 included highly skillful choreographed wing chun, Thai kickboxing and American boxing fight scenes delivered by a combination of new and familiar faces – Jin Zhang, Sarut Khanwilai and legendary American professional boxer Mike Tyson.

One of the things I truly appreciate in this film is discovering another true action actor in former wushu athlete Jin Zhang.  It was pretty obvious in the way he held his weapons and fight that Zhang isn’t just a regular actor doing action scenes. He was also in SPL II with Tony Jaa. I get disappointed when a good a fight scene is watered down and substituted with overproduced effects because the actor is not a real martial arts practitioner which I’ve seen in many Jacky Chan films.  Whenever I go watch Jet Li, Donnie Yen or Jacky Chan film, I don’t look for good looks… I look for authentic hardcore fight scenes.
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A common theme found in the movie is family and friends.  Ip Man learns that his family should always comes first despite what everyone else expects from him as a revered hero.

Lynn Hung was also very convincing  as Mrs. Ip who gets occasionally irritated for always having to take the back seat because of her husband’s busy schedule. She later gets diagnosed of cancer and immerses herself into the role at a deeper level. Lynn really surprised me with her acting in this movie as she didn’t do as well with Material Queen. Kudos to Hong Kong Director Wilson Yip. This goes to show that an artist can shine when placed in the guidance of a good director. Aside from Ip Man trilogy, Director Yip also directed other great action films –  SPL, Flash Point, Dragon Tiger Gate.
Ip Man 3_14I also was drawn to the beautiful and dramatic cinematography of  Ip Man 3. Much of the movie is filmed with a sepia-like style and gave an nostalgic feeling of the old Hong Kong, especially at the restaurant scene where each recognized martial arts master has their own designated tables. Ip Man 3_2I also enjoyed the amazing camera work during most of the fight scenes. In the scene where Ip Man first encounters and fights with the Thai villain fighter (played by Sarut Khanwilai) in a tight elevator space , the camera tails the fight scene down to the building hallway and stair case. The way the camera followed the fight scenes multiple angles, including from top gives audience a moving birds eye view was truly awesome!
Ip Man 3_9One of the biggest marketing pull of Ip Man 3 is Mike Tyson. He’s Frank, a business man who wants to take over a local elementary school for his own less than noble purposes. I was surprised that Tyson only has a short (5 minutes?) but nonetheless exciting fight scene with Ip Man. Ip Man uses his fast punches against each of Frank’s strong punches.
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Overall, I really enjoyed this film and can’t wait to see another Director Yip film.

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