Homemade Maccha Pocky

If you’ve shopped in an Asian grocery before, chances are you have seen or tried POCKY snacks. These chocolate dipped thin pretzel sticks are often available in their chocolate or strawberry flavor. Recently, the Korean grocery in my neighborhood started carrying Maccha flavored POCKY. I liked them a lot but they cost ($2.47) for the small package of small skinny sticks that they came in. I can easily go through 3 packages and still feel unsatisfied. Hence, I decided to try making larger POCKY versions.


The ingredients are quite simple but the process takes a little more TLC. Below are the main ingredients. You can find Italian bread sticks from regular grocery stores. My maccha tea powder are from amazon but you can probably find them in larger Asian grocery stores or Japanese stores.


To get started, combine 1 tbsp of maccha powder with 1 tsp of vegetable oil. Set aside. The most time consuming process in making Maccha POCKY is melting 1 cup white chocolate, constantly stirring slowly. Here’s how you melt white chocolate.


After the white chocolate is melted, add the maccha oil mixture. Add more if you prefer a stronger maccha flavor. Note: the color light green color of white chocolate looks yummy!


Pour the melted chocolate in a narrow tall cup or glass and get ready to dip the breadsticks! Make sure you have paper towels handy. This can be messy …fun with chocolate dripping. It takes 1 hour for chocolate to completely dry but 15 minutes is good enough for everyone to enjoy it!



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