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Hi everyone! Snowzilla is upon us here in the DC region this weekend and with roads unfit for travel I’ve been nowhere but home finishing up on a few projects that I’ve been meaning to complete. I’ve recently become a planner addict again! I had plain deep maroon-colored planner back in high school which I loved. The inserts were mostly standard and not fun but there wasn’t really much options back then. Fast forward to 2016, there’s numerous options to choose from and accessories to boot. Honestly, it felt exciting to discover the huge selections for very pretty and useful planners. It inspired me create planner stickers for cooking which will be available on my Sherpushop in Etsy soon! Here’s an example of washi tape stickers with “slow cooker” theme.

washi tapes 001-1

Now here is my teal colored full set 2016 inserts of A5 size planners are now available for free download! Just sign up for our VIP email list.

The set includes 2016 annual and monthly calendars with space for writing notes like reminders.
Monthly calendars to remember special events and prepare for them!
planner1 (3)
I also included a page for those to-do list designed with chevron pattern at the bottom.
planner1 (4)
A page to jot down recipes you like or develop. Sometimes, when I execute a recipe I found online I would tweak it to fit my taste better on the spot and I sometimes forget later the changes I made. So this would be a way to keep notes for later. 🙂
A colorful page for meal planning.  I find planning meals ahead saves me a lot time from thinking what to eat throughout the day and it also saves me some extra bucks from not eating out last minute.

planner1 (6)

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be opening my shop soon on Etsy for food themed planner stickers. If you host dinner parties and such, I’ll have stickers that help you get prepared better for that too. I’ll send discount specials to Sherpushop VIPs so sign up now for free and also receive the free download of this planner!

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