Dunkin Donut Chewisty Bread

On my way back to the US from my Asia trip, I waited patiently during layover at the Incheon Airport in Seoul city of South Korea. I had 3 hours to kill so I strolled around the airport and discovered what turned out to be my next foodie discovery – Korea’s Dunkin Donut! Many American donut shop franchise like Mister Donut and Dunkin Donuts offer a customized menu to cater to the local market’s taste. They use combinations of popular local ingredients when creating new donut flavors.  For example, in China they use pork floss and in Korea, they use Kimchi in their Kimchi Croquette. Look here to see some of  what they offer in Asia.

My friend Ji mentioned that she liked South Korea’s Dunkin Donut better than the ones in the U.S.  So at Incheon airport in Seoul city, I decided to check it out.  She was right. Dunkin Donut’s “chewisty” donuts caught my attention instantly. Number one, they look so pretty in their curvy ring shape. Second,  these bread are AMAZING. They are light in flavor, slightly crispy on the exterior, soft and chewy inside at the same time.

These yummy donuts are not limited to Dunkin Donuts… Mister Donuts offer same type of donuts and calls them Pon De Ring. How cute!

Update: Here’s a good homemade  Pon De Ring recipe  that I tried and was successful with.


 Chewisty bread comes in pumpkin, green tea, chocolate, sweet potato, and other Asian-inspired flavored. I ordered the “chocolate chewisty”. Then I also got a black sugar tofu pastry.  The bread were surprisingly addictive. The chewiness in every bite got me hooked and curious.  What makes it so chewy? Some says it’s rice flour and some says it’s tapioca flour.  There are also some that claims the bread is based on a Brazilian cream puffs called Pão De Queijo minus the cheese. I can’t wait to try making these bread this weekend!

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