2013.11 Black Sheep8After 10 years in Virginia, I finally visit the capital-Richmond. Beats me why it took me this long. I guess I just never knew the city has so much to offer aside from history. Richmond, turns out has lot of great local restaurants. I was in the area apartment hunting with a friend who went to college in Richmond and she’s showing me one of her favorite food spots, The Black Sheep. I can taste why this place is so popular among locals that it got featured on Man vs Food show.

We arrive at 11:30 a.m. on a Sunday. There was a twenty minute wait, so we decided to drive around to see a little bit of the area.

2013.11 Black Sheep2.

By the time we came back, our tables weren’t ready yet so we waited at the back side of the restaurants.

2013.11 Black Sheep3

I ordered a warm apple spiced cider. It tasted nice and balanced. Not too sour.   Finally, our tables were ready and we were seated in the middle of the restaurant.

2013.11 Black Sheep1

The menu of Black Sheep is mouth watering. They offer a wide variety of options. My eyes gaze in envy whenever I see another dish comes out from the kitchen, served to another table. You can tell the food served here is made with love and pride.

We ordered their famous USS Brooklyn Subs. Honestly, I am not a big sub person but Beth recommended and it’s the most popular item on the menu…so good that it was featured on national TV. It got to have some merit.

2013.11 Black Sheep5

2013.11 Black Sheep6WOW. If you like heat and flavor in your sandwich, THIS is what you want to get. OMG, I love it. Where do I begin? First off, the sub is humongous. It is 2 foot long. It’s slightly longer than two regular forks combined. Inside the baguette is a thick layer of fresh peach chutney with a few golden raisins. Then it is followed by a generous amount of big chunks of charcoal grilled Jamaican jerk chicken, meaty and tender. They put so much chicken in it that it was falling off the sandwich! (which I certainly enjoyed) Then, shredded cabbage and as final touch, drizzled spicy banana ketchup.

I love how they used banana ketchup. I seriously do. I’ve only seen banana ketchup used in Filipinos dishes, never outside that. No wonder that when I took a bite and tasted the sauce, I’m hooked. I didn’t guess that it was banana ketchup but I loved it nonetheless.

The Black Sheep makes me remember that great tasting food doesn’t have to only come from fancy restaurants. Definitely coming back!

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    so what’s unique about Brooklyn Subs