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Thank you for visiting. This blog is about Chinese language dramas, films, food or culture in general.

Chinese TV dramas and films are the two things that I enjoy consuming whenever there’s free time available. I’ve been a follower of Hong Kong TV dramas and martial arts films for  as long as I can remember.  I remember making regular trips  to Chinatown visiting  the Chinese video rental stores weekly and load up for weekend and holiday bingeing. It was a family tradition. Ha!  This was before the internet has revolutionized the way we consume media content as we know it now.   I went so often that the employees at the video stores I visited knew me. Sometimes the videos (in betamax and then VHS tapes!!) were available in original Cantonese language and sometimes they are dubbed into Mandarin language. It’s because of long hours of enjoyment and listening that I learned speak and understand both languages very well despite never  really setting foot in Hong Kong or China at that time.

I’ve also been blessed to have the opportunity to have met some of the Chinese actors and singers (Andy Lau, Jacky Chan, Alan Tam, the late Anita Mui, Louis Koo, Wang Lee Hom…) that I really admired and to this day, I’m still jumping to any opportunity to work on collaboration projects that’ll contribute in promoting Chinese entertainment and bringing it to the next level. I want to turn my childhood fan girling and the work skills I’ve acquired through the years  into something that can benefit the industry.  It’s what energizes me.  I do it on the side, outside my regular job.


left to right: with Andy Lau (1990s), with Louis Koo (1990s) and with Wang Leehom (2006)

Hence, I’ve dabbled into doing that by participating in event and media planning for Asian pop stars who’s come to the US to perform in the east coast area, mostly they are Koreans artists (Rain, YG family artists).  From those experiences,  I’ve come to realizes that I’d still prefer if I can work with promoting Chinese entertainment.  I can connect better with in terms of cultural background and language.

Through this blog, I want to share (at the same time learning about it myself too!) more about this interesting culture that more people are also now interested in. I’m sharing experience not just of my own but also from others who have something interesting to share or teach about Chinese culture.

I hope you enjoy this blog and encourage you to shoot me an email if you’re interested in sharing your experience, tips or knowledge on Chinese culture!



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